imjustabryan asked:
I assume you're getting the new Pokemon! so which one!? Ruby or Sapphire? Are you collecting the Eeveelutions too!? I have Jolteon, Eevee, Vaporeon, and Flareon!!!!

I’m getting both!!!! But Sapphire will be my main game!!!!! Annnnd I sure am :3 I love the eeveelutions!

Anonymous asked:
Do you love pokemon?

nope…not at all…

Probably going to get a Furfrou tattoo.

it represents Pokemon and grooming :) 

Draw a cute Furfrou in a star cut


kittyichooseyou asked:
Is that yellow one a uterus?

It’s a bladder :) they do have a uterus on I heart Guts website though :)